about me

hi new friends! allow me to introduce myself ::

i am meredith. this is me. staring off into the middle distance, being my authentic, dramatic self... just kidding. kinda. you'll want to know a few things about me off the bat. i'm 23 years old, but probably about 85 internally. i live in north carolina, but my heart yearns to move back home, which is southern california. also, i am not a fan of capital letters. lower case is much better. i mean look how quaint these letters are. (AND HOW SCARY THESE ONES ARE). right? have i converted you? oh... well, better luck next time. i'll stick to my cute lower case letters anyway.

now, i am a huge disney fan. you probably can't tell from this photo, but i promise you. disney runs through my veins. & yes, i am 22 years old. & yes, wearing yellow puff ball winnie the pooh ears is totally age appropriate. if you can't accept that as truth, this may not be the blog for you... but then again, all are welcome here. just like all are welcome at disneyland! (see what i did there?) disneyland is my favorite place on earth. i grew up as an annual pass holder. & my husband actually proposed to me in front of sleeping beauty's castle. oh, & we honeymooned there. which was amazing. speaking of...

this is the husband. his name's kevin. he's cute, no? we met in our college freshman orientation, & haven't stopped staring at each other since. it's gross & all kinds of wonderful at the same time. we got married in october of 2018, amongst the autumn leaves & all the pumpkins, & it was pretty legit. promising to be buddies for life was the easiest, best decision i've ever made. i'm excited to be his best friend forever & ever, until we're toothless & beyond. love is cool.

now you're probably wondering why this blog is called crafted fragments. (you might also be wondering why i'm holding a pumpkin, but there are some questions that must remained unanswered) (lol jk i just like pumpkins it's not that cryptic). crafted fragments was a term i came up with in college. i was broke, & also broken. & i was desperately trying to pick up the pieces of my life & make something beautiful out of it. i couldn't afford much, so i collected & pressed autumn leaves, & taped them up on every inch of my dorm room wall for decor. i started a collection of mismatched thrift store mugs, to share cups of hot cocoa with fellow starving college friends. i believe that life is what you make it. & i wanted to make it beautiful.

 & so i coined the term crafted fragments. 

we are fragments. we are broken pieces, shattered seemingly beyond repair. but we are crafted. we are skillfully constructed with care to create something even more beautiful than we were untouched. we are a mosaic of pain & wonder, sorrow & laughter; we are a masterpiece. 

so there you have it! i think that just about catches you up. prepare for all the awkwardness, all the puns, & all the ramblings about all my favorite things. i think as long as you don't mind an office reference here & there, we should be great friends. thanks a bunch for tagging along!

all my love,

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