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By meredith massey. - May 27, 2019

hi friends! 

it is i, the blogger who never remembers to blog! coming back atcha with content you didn't ask for!!


anyway, as i mentioned in my bio (have you read it?), disney runs through my veins. i am truly a disney fanatic, & i've embraced it fully. disneyland is the happiest place on earth for me... it's where i got engaged, where i honeymooned, & where i spent the best days of my childhood & adult life... honestly, there's nothing i love more than disneyland. well... my husband's super close i guess. love ya, babe ;)

anyway, speaking of all things disneyland, i wanted to share with you a few videos i've put up on my youtube channel (i have a youtube channel?? whaaaat?) they're some disneyland vlogs & hauls, so if that's your thing, have a great time watching! (& if not... i guess, see ya real soon?) (that's a disney pun, in case you didn't catch that, in case you're not a true disney fan or something...)

disneyland vlog::

disneyland haul::

pixar fest fireworks display (together forever)::


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  1. Woot! I am so glad you are back! Thank you for sharing!