a weekend getaway.

By meredith massey. - April 10, 2019

well crepe, it's been over a month since i posted! whoops! (sub par pun, i know... but you just can't have crepes without making a million crepe-crap jokes!).

so how have you guys been doing lately?? enjoying spring? my husband & i took a little weekend getaway recently, & we had the best time! even though the weather was horrible & rainy, we made the best of it & managed to have some grand adventures. i thought i'd put together a little blog post to show ya what we got up to!

heyyy handsome hubby!

we drove to raleigh, north carolina to visit one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world, simply crepes. if you know me well, you know i love a good crepe. (i don't even think bad crepes exists, but still). crepes are probably my favorite food. speaking of, we actually catered crepes for our wedding reception, which was the best idea EVER. eating your favorite food in your wedding dress is kinda priceless.

but anyway, back to simply crepes! their entire menu is amaaaaaazing, but here's what i recommend::

appetizers:: the poutine

their version of poutine is a little unconventional, but its still absolutely delicious. for those who don't know, "poutine is a dish originating from the Canadian province of Quebec, consisting of French fries & cheese curds topped with brown gravy," (thanks Wiki). simply crepes uses hand cut, fried red potato chunks instead of french fries, but they're still sooooo yummy. i truly love both versions! but at the end of the day, we always have to get their poutine because it genuinely is that scrumptious.

kevin's order:: the chicken cordon bleu crepe

guys. this crepe is a masterpiece, & it's kevin's absolute favorite. but i'm the worst & always end up sneaking bites & then basically devouring half of it. but it's okay, that's marriage right? ;)

this chicken cordon bleu crepe is deep fried. DEEP FRIED, PEOPLE. & if that wasn't enough, it's stuffed with chicken & spinach & melted gruyere, & absolutely smothered in alfredo cheese sauce. Y'ALL. i'm over here drooling just writing about it. it's genuinely worth the hour & a half drive, just for this crepe. yum yum yum.

my order:: strawberry & nutella crepe

ohhhhh y'all. as much as i love the entire menu, this is truly the pièce de résistance for me. i have an intense love for my classic, perfect, strawberry & nutella crepe. i'm a basic kinda girl. i find something that i love, i become obsessed, & i never order anything different again. i try to be adventurous sometimes... but i always end up regretting not just getting what i know i love. for breakfast, i just love a good croissant. every time. if we're getting smoothies, i always want strawberry. nothing else. milkshakes? cookies & creme forever. at almost every restaurant, i have my favorite dish that i order & have ordered every single time i've been. i know it's boring & basic, but i love it. it makes me happy. strawberry & nutella crepes make me happy. & this one is divineeee. with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped creme, & powdered sugar... it's a delectable dessert that you bet i eat as my main course. & no worries, i share with my husband as pay back for eating some of his ;)

yes, i did just rant forever about crepes. but dude, i'm passionate. i don't give a crepe. (okay i'll stop now).

after we ate, we drove around & noticed a book store that we'd never seen before, called quail ridge books! book stores are my favorite, but this one really takes the cake. it was incredible.

look at the gloriuosness! TWO STORIES of gloriousness!!

the kid's section was out of this world. it was like the kid's section of every kid's dreams. & my dreams...

how perfect is this "road" sign? it has ALL of my favorite places! my favorite books growing up were books where the characters escaped to new lands. neverland, hogwarts, narnia, wonderland, etc. 

loved the harry potter section, they had everything you could ever want!

just some books i definitely want to come back for.

i mean, how gorgeous is this edition of peter pan???

so like i said, the kid's section is just pure magic! (& hey corduroy the bear!) but the rest of the shop was just as magical!

a favorite quote by a favorite author.

a little section just for my gatsby loving heart!

we found this cute little area tucked away in the back, with comfy chairs & a cute "faux" fireplace (cause you know, a real fireplace in a bookstore... would be bad. i mean did farenheit 451 teach us nothing?)

we sat down to read this incredible pop up book, which i definitely want to go back for. my love for disney & for pixar runs deep.

the view from the upstairs section was just breathtaking! i can't believe we stumbled upon this place. what a hidden gem! it's genuinely one of the most amazing book stores i've ever seen in my life. definitely worth a visit if you're ever in the area.

& that was our weekend getaway!
book stores & crepes, what more could you ask for?

thanks for reading,

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