happy valentine's.

By meredith massey. - February 28, 2019

guys, i just love the holiday of love. valentine's day is my favorite. as a total hopeless romantic trapped in a die-hard pessimists body, it was always my one day a year to let that out. then 5 years ago, i celebrated my first valentine's day with my now-husband... & he kinda changed the game for me. now i fully own my inner hopeless romantic, & trust me i go all out on valentine's day to show it.  for example, leaving silly, flirty messages for him on our letter board. we're classy & we know it ;)

here are some of the other ways i decorated our little apartment to surprise him for valentine's day!

5 years worth of photos & memories, 5 valentine's days together, a lifetime to go!

my dried wedding bouquet, a photo of us when he proposed, & an embroidery i made when i was maybe 14 years old? also, a disney pin he gave me last valentine's, a photo booth strip from when we were freshman in college, & a button from disneyland that we were given after we got engaged!

kevin bought me this adorable valentine's hedgehog. i have an intense love for plushies & so he always gets me little animals holding little hearts. he's just the cutest, & so is the stuffed animal.

this year, we decided to celebrate by taking a little valentine's vacation, & we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, bahama breeze! it's a chain restaurant in the east coast (although there's also one in vegas?) & they serve the most delicious caribbean inspired dishes & drinks. for being smack dab in the middle of winter, on the east coast, in freezing temperatures... it was soooo lovely to pretend for a moment that we were basking in the tropics!

we always love getting a bunch of appetizers & splitting everything, so here's what we ordered::

in a perfect world, there would only be piña coladas. i could drink these all day!

the beef empanadas... not quite as good as the ones i had in puerto rico, but a close second. (puerto rico does everything better though, so can we blame them?)

these cheesy bites are incredible. they're fried yuca stuffed with melted cheese, & they come with these amazing sauces. one's a cilantro-crema & the other's a sriracha aioli. yummmm.

i always have to get their coconut shrimp. it's the best around!

& finally, for the pièce de résistance, the absolutely incredible, delectable, plate of perfection... the rum cake. this rum cake is made with bacardi oakheart rum, & the raisins are soaked in it as well. it's covered in butterscotch sauce & chocolate sauce, & served with vanilla ice cream... i am drooling just writing about it! it's probably my favorite dessert ever. & it doesn't hurt that it always gets me a little tipsy & a little giggly. eat responsibly, folks! ;)

after dinner, we decided to take a drive through a spot in town that puts up the most gorgeous string lights, while listening to our favorite jazz tunes.

sooooo dreamy!

& finally, we ended the night with my favorite movie & our favorite candy. it was a pretty darling first-married-valentine's if i do say so myself. love all around!

i hope you all had a lovely valentine's, no matter who you spent it with. i see it as a wonderful reminder to just love... love your friends, your lovers, your pets, your family, & most importantly, yourself. you are important & valued & loved, my friend.

much love to you & yours,

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