birthday weekend adventures.

By meredith massey. - February 19, 2019

hey there, friends! after a little over 3 weeks, i'm finally sitting down & writing about my birthday weekend! my birthday was on the 29th of january, & i turned 23. & the rumor is true, nobody likes you... (kidding, maybe). i spent the weekend with friends, & we explored various cafés & coffee shops & book stores & bakeries. going on adventures & exploring new cities was actually one of my new year's resolutions, so i'm proud to say i've made some progress there!

our first destination was a cute little café / coffee shop called crema espresso!

& if you know me well, you know that crepes are one of my favorite foods (hence why we served them at our wedding!). my ultimate favorite is a classic strawberry & nutella combination. & paired with a caramel latte, all was right with the world.

from the bright fresh flowers, to the incredibly cool wood table, to the modern light fixtures & exposed ceiling, to the artwork, to the way the light filtered into the room, casting gorgeous shadows & reflections... this place was aesthetic heaven. so glad we had the chance to visit!

the next place we explored was this adorable stationary store / book shop called paper skyscraper!

upon first entering the store, there was a table set up of a bunch of books about living "slowly" & i immediately knew i loved the place. be more sloth spoke to my very soul. after living in so much stress for so long, i've finally fully embraced a simpler lifestyle. it's all about being more deliberate with your choices & your time, & learning to say no & not feel guilty about it! i see everyone i know filling up their plates to the brim & burning out so quickly... & of course, adulthood comes with a certain level of craziness that can't be avoided. but deciding to be intentional with your free time & learning to prioritize rest & relaxation is super important. anyway, side rant over, i'm just passionate about living life in that slow lane!

i also had my eyes on these glorious books...

would you just look at my beautiful bestie? she found the cutest book, what the dormouse said... lessons for grown-ups from children's books, which is honestly the perfect book for her. we're both very passionate about children's literature, & honestly believe that grown ups have a lot to learn from kids. i definitely want to go back & spend some time flipping through this book!

like i said previously, the store is also a stationary store & sort of gift shop. they had so many different odds & ends. for example, hilarious dish towels, incredible toys for kids, & empowering pins! but dude, how awesome are these little feminist books? i can't wait to have kids & raise them on these!

our last conquest of the day was this precious little bakery called sunflour baking company! i love puns, sunflowers are my favorite flower, & baking is my life, so this place was made just for me. plus it's a yellow building & yellow is my favorite color, so i think it was meant to be.

look at those big sunflowers poking out to say hello! & sunflowers painted onto the menu... it was sunflower heaven!

we grabbed some dinner, & i went for some baked potato soup & a huge cheddar cheese biscuit. true comfort food!

the floor to ceiling windows provide quite the gorgeous environment. & with a view of the queen city, i could've sat here for hours! what a splendid way to end the birthday celebrations.

i'm so thankful to my bestie for showing us around some of the cutest spots in charlotte to celebrate my birthday! we had such a great time. here's to year 23... to many more adventures, & lots more coffee.

thanks for reading,

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