the best of 2018.

By meredith massey. - January 07, 2019

cheers to a happy new years, loves!

i adore this time of year, a time i dedicate to introspection & reflection. i love looking back at the year past & seeing how much can change in 365 days. this year, quite a lot changed for me. & not just my transition from fiancé to wifey! all in all, this year was a tough one, but it held some of my favorite memories, & those are the memories i'd like to share with you today.

here are my best moments of 2018 ::

january : wedding dress shopping 

in january of 2018, i had my first experience wedding dress shopping! & what a crazy experience that was. the first wedding dress boutique i visited is called gilded bridal, & is the most beautiful, absolutely perfect dress shop i've ever seen. if you live in north carolina, & have a more unique taste, i highly suggest going here.

their dress selection is truly one of a kind. i was looking for something different, something unique. & they delivered. the amount of rose gold dresses i tried on was amazing!

on top of their incredible selection of dresses, the ambiance in the boutique is just to die for. the decor is gorgeous, the rooms are amazing, & the service is unparalleled. i had the best experience here!

& i said yes to the dress! ;) i didn't actually have that "bridal moment" everyone talks about, but what i did know was that after trying on so many dresses in so many different places, i always came back to her. & so she was the one!

celebrating with my beautiful bridesmaids... we found the one & everyone approves!!

this dress was actually from canada, so i felt like a real life anne of green gables on my wedding day. which is my life goal, so, wins all around! i mean how gorgeous is this dress?? maybe i'll go put her on & dance around the house just for fun...

life truly is better gilded!

april : moving into our first home together

(sorry for the jump from january to april, i mentioned this was a rough year!)

toward the end of april 2018, kevin & i moved into our first home together! it looks completely different now that it's fully furnished, but she's a pretty little thing. after both living with several roommates for years, it was so nice to finally have our own apartment. (i love having my own kitchen.) & because i'm obnoxious, i wanted to name our first home together. so kevin came up with the hundred acre home, in honor of my love of winnie the pooh. we've been here for about 8 months now, & i'm still not unpacked... i blame our wedding for taking up all my free time! one of my new year's resolutions for 2019 is getting this thing fully unpacked & fully settled into!!

april : engagement photos

also in april, we had our professional engagement photos taken! we got engaged in may of 2017 in disneyland, & we actually had a quick engagement photoshoot done with the disney photopass photographers. but we wouldn't book our actual wedding photographer until much later. we worked with Sarah Tatum, of Fox and Flora Photography, whom we absolutely recommend. not only is she an incredibly talented photographer, but she's also just the sweetest person in the world. we had the best time taking engagement photos with her; she made the experience so much fun!

i'm obsessed with my bling... marquise cut morganite with a rose gold band, aka my dream ring! my babe is the best.

we actually did two photoshoots in two different locations on this day (this was the first). i'm thinking of making a separate blog post about the second location... because it's really epic & i totally wanna revisit it!

may : trip to california

one of the highlights of the year was definitely our trip to california in may. & you bet that the moment we stepped off the plane, we headed straight to in-n-out. as a california native, i have missed this place with every fiber of my being. & in our 10 day trip, we ate there 5 different times. obsessed? absolutely.

& even though i'm more of a mountain person myself, i can't tell you how much i miss the california beaches & the incredible sunsets! my sister & her husband took us to get fish tacos & fresh guacamole, & i'm not even kidding, i totally cried as we ate the delicious food & watched the sun set. i miss my home quite a bit.

may : trip to disneyland

while we were in california, we had the opportunity to go to our favorite place on earth thanks to some of our cast member friends! kevin had just graduated college days before our trip, so we took it as an opportunity to celebrate his incredible achievements. we had so much fun visiting during pixar fest & seeing all the pixar characters & the pixar play parade. & we collected lots of new pins for my disney pin collection!

matterhorn is one of the best rides ever, no? 

may, again : my sister's wedding!

& now for the best day & the main reason we were visiting california... my big sister's beautiful wedding! genuinely, it was one of the happiest days of my life. my sister & her new husband are absolutely precious together, & i was crying through the entire day. & through my entire speech. & then broke down into sobs as they drove away. i'm an emotional human...

i helped with their decor a teensy bit by doing a couple of their signs, like this one! their wedding was full of coffee & old books & scrabble tiles & delicious quesadillas. & i loved it. everyone loved it. weddings are the best!!

july : my bridal shower

in july, i hosted my own bridal shower! i have wanted a disney's alice in wonderland themed bridal shower ever since... forever. it's my favorite disney movie & the perfect theming for a party!

in true unbirthday party style, we served an assortment of teas, & rasberry lemonade for the tea haters.

i tried my best to decorate my apartment to feel like a true wonderland!

i made "painting the roses red" cupcakes & my bestie made scrumptious scones.

my darling friend, & junior bridesmaid, mariah helped ice these gorgeous "eat me" cookies.

it won't make you shrink or grow, but it does contain electrolytes! (yes it's gatorade...)

i'm so thankful for my girls for helping me pull off this crazy day!

october : our wedding

on october 14th, kevin & i got married! 

whew, this day was crazy. sometimes it pains me to think back on it because let me tell you, so much went wrong. basically all of my fears were confirmed, & everything that could've went wrong went wrong, & my dreams were a tad bit (lot of bit) crushed... but, all things considered, we are finally husband & wife! even though everything went wrong & we were a little devastated, we still shared this incredible moment of happiness (as seen above), because we were finally a mr. & mrs.! & there were still tons of sweet moments & moments of joy that we will treasure forever.

a lot of the details i worked really really hard on for almost 2 years weren't properly executed, or they weren't even documented... but if you guys want me to write a blog post about the wedding & do my best to explain what it should have been, let me know! i have a lot of advice i could give about what not to do haha. basically, know that you cannot be a bride & also execute your entire wedding plan. you need help. & most likely, your friends & family won't be able or willing to help as much as you need. it's absolutely & completely worth it to get a wedding planner, & i really wish i had! but i will say, planning my own wedding made me fall in love with wedding planning... & now i totally want to become a wedding planner!

at the end of the day, i get to call this man my husband, & that's the best part of all. thanks for loving me, babe. we're rocking this marriage thing! 

also, october : honeymoon

now, our honeymoon was absolute perfection. we literally had the best time of our entire lives & were so blissfully happy. probably because the wedding stress was finally behind us, but also probably because we were in disneyland, our happiest place on earth. we had no idea we'd be honeymooning here, but my dear parents surprised us with the trip a few months out to the wedding. best wedding gift ever? DUH.

neither of us had ever visited disneyland in it's halloween season, & it lived up to our every expectation. my pumpkin loving heart was soaring. enjoy these photos of our flawless time...

probably the best part of visiting during the halloween season, haunted mansion holiday.

this ride gives me endless giggles & i looooove it.

ate our first mickey waffle :: life changing.

california adventure had changed so much since our last visit!

i'd also never seen cars land all done up for halloween, & i adored it!

i should also mention, we stayed in the lovely candy cane inn that sits beside the disneyland resort. i absolutely recommend staying here! it's such a nice place for such a reasonable price, & such a great location. we'll never stay anywhere else!

so yeah, they were the best days of our lives. he's the jack to my sally, & i'm so glad he loves disney almost as much as i do.

november : the renaissance festival

this past november, we took my best friend to the carolina renaissance festival for the first time! the renaissance festival is another happy place for kevin & i. it's a wonderful festival full of whimsy & history & magic & lots of laughter. we genuinely enjoy going every year, & were so pleased to bring along our bestie this time around!

november, again : friendsgiving

i hosted my very first friendsgiving in my very first home this past november! it was so much fun. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but this was my first thanksgiving apart from my family. it was a difficult time, but celebrating with my dearest friends who are basically my family was absolutely splendid. we watched anne of green gables, played board games, & talked about what we were grateful for. it was a lovely night & a tradition i hope to continue!

caramel apple cream cheese dip is a winner every year.

december : everything

if you've read any of my posts on this blog, you'll know my december was just lovely. (even though i actually injured my neck on december 1st & would spend the entire month in pain, & frequently in urgent care haha). still, it was truly wonderful... full of adventure & great memories. i can't pick a favorite moment, so i'll just say all of it. especially the christmas popcorn buckets.

& with that, 2018 is over & done!
thanks for reading, & wishing you all the best in the new year.

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