first post.

By meredith massey. - December 23, 2018

there is a lot of pressure to write a really good first sentence of this entire blog... i'm not sure i'm quite cut out for the task. oh well, i'll just gonna wing it.

hi friends! my name is meredith, & i like to write. i'm also a total, horrifyingly obnoxious perfectionist who scrutinizes every word she writes & will probably delete half of my posts out of frustration. just thought i would warn you. but i'm gonna try my best.

i've wanted to have a steady blog for a really long time. off & on blogging is a real bore. i want to commit to a full-on, write-all-the time, even-when-no-one-is-reading-the-dumb-stuff-you-write, kind of blog. i can't very well call myself a writer if i keep not-writing, right? right. so a-writing i will go.

i would just like to say hello to my best friend who is definitely the only person reading this... sus, thanks for the support.

here's to hopefully sticking to this blogging thing!

thank you, & goodnight.

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  1. Yayayay! I am so excited to read your blog. You are such a talented writer and even if it is quiet in the comment section at the minute... I have no doubt thatyou are gonna be tremendously famous some day. I’ll gladly take the honor of FIRST COMMENT!