a trip to the billy graham library.

By meredith massey. - December 30, 2018

during our last trip to our favorite city in north carolina, we decided to visit one of our dearest friends, landon, where he works... the billy graham library! billy graham was a pretty famous christian evangelist, & the library is a museum that details his life & work. it was a really beautiful experience, & it was especially beautiful this time of year with all the christmas decor. while i don't have much to say about the museum exhibit itself, i thought i would at least share the photographs i took while we looked around at the gorgeous architecture & lovely christmassy vibes.

the grandest of grand entrances.

joana gaines, is that you?

one of the most beautiful christmas trees i have ever seen in my entire life. i loved the giant red jingle  bells!

one thing i did appreciate, billy graham knew my hero, walt disney! apparently walt even helped him design the library (which you can definitely tell, because it's quite the production).

at the end of the exhibits was this ginormous, gorgeous thomas kinkade painting. thomas kinkade is one of my favorite artists of all time, so it was truly incredible to see one so magnificent in real life!

the three musketeers... love my dearest husband & bestest friend.

look at her sparkling in the night!

for the first time in my life, i saw what is apparently a "live nativity". they had camels, donkeys, goats, sheep, & get this, a lemur. quite the sight!

hope you enjoyed these photos as much as i enjoyed taking them!
til next time,

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